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Our Glazing Services

  • Re-glaze both aluminium and wooden windows
  • Clean and remove broken glass from site
  • Toughened, laminated, obscure, and annealed glass available

‚Äč Difference Between Toughened and Laminated Glass

Toughened glass is normal annealed glass that has been heated up to increase its strength. Although toughened glass is incredibly strong, it can not be cut or altered in any way once it is made and when it does break it will shatter. Laminated glass is two panels of annealed glass stuck together with a layer of vinyl in between them. While not as strong as toughened glass, this adds some strength to the panel but also stops it from shattering when it breaks.

Remember, you can choose your service provider when it comes to insurance. Most insurance companies will direct you towards another company. By asking for Glassworx you can trust that your job will be under way a lot sooner and completed to a high standard.

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